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   I suppose this is where I should write a few words about myself and the intension behind (my aplologies). You might have found this website by, or maybe have seen one of my accounts on a few social media sites with the same user name. I gave several a test drive before ultimately settling in on Instagram, and more recently on Facebook. As for who I am? Well, I'm basically just your average (alright, perhaps a bit more overzealous than average) Mike Patton fan with a website. I work, eat, shit & sleep, and when I'm not doing the aforementioned, I'm most likely listening to any one of many selections of Mike Patton's music (I bet you didn't see that one coming) as well as spending as much free time as possible working on this site. Every now and again when the mood strikes I'll do other things as well, but I'll spare you of the mundane details.


   To get more to the point, I've been a fan of Mike Patton's music for about 27 years. My first introduction was to Faith No More when my older sister recorded me a copy of "The Real Thing", not long after seeing the video for "Epic" on Headbanger's Ball. Although it left a major impression, the real fascination began in 1999 during my senior year of high school after the release of Fantomas' debut album. I find little to be shocking in life, but that record literally blew my 17 year old mind. Needless to say, I had never heard anything quite like it before. My copy of that first Fantomas album rarely saw life outside the enclosure of my Sony Discman (remember those?). I'd listen to each track repeatedly, sometimes for hours at a time trying to make sense of a timing unlike anything I was familiar with. It was also an entirely new experience back then to hear an album comprised of fully orchestrated and well rounded tracks that kept a runtime average of about a minute and a half. Up until that point I was only used to hearing songs of that length in a context mostly pertaining punk rock. The first example that comes to mind of course would be Dead Kennedy's "Short Songs". It never occoured to me before hearing that album, that the same ethos behind such classic punk tunes could be applied outside the realm of power chord punk rock. The first Fantomas album opened a door in my mind that allowed me to see and hear music in a completely different light. It also inspired me to trade in my Fender for a Roland. I'd have to say that through his recordings, Mike Patton taught me how to actually listen to music, as opposed to just simply hearing it. I don't think I ever would've found the confidence to start writing music in the direction I chose otherwise, even if only as a hobby. He also helped me realize that music, as with all art, is built upon a foundation of structured rules, patterns and formulas. But when the foundation shifts, the structure that rests upon it will seep and settle into maybe otherwise unseen nooks & crannies. It may give for an odd appearance at first, but as long as that foundation holds strong, it's now become a unique thing of beauty (please forgive my horrid analogy). Overall, Patton's writing style has played a massive role in giving me a better understanding of music on a theory level, as well as to develop my ear. It's also demonstrated flawlessly how to think and write outside the lines of the conventional standard. And that bit is the shit that I find the most appealing. With each new project and album release that followed the Fantomas self titled, my Patton monomania grew stronger. I could easily go on for days about Mike Patton's genius in composing, or about any number of the reasons why I became such a Patton die-hard, but I'm just going to go out on a limb and assume that if you're here, then the feeling is probably already mutual.


   Starting this website began as a way in which to try and teach myself HTML and web design. I had initially only intended on it being somewhat of a simple site. That actually began with my Blogger site (, but I quickly realized I wanted to have attributes on the site that the Blogger platform doesn't support, such as having static pages that can be utilized as reference pages, or for building galleries & databases without the implementation of an archive being mandatory. So here we are! During the initial construction of this website, the thought entered my brain that this is going to be out there for the entire world to see (in theory), so half-assing a dedicated site to not only a man who I greatly respect and admire, but also to who's music has helped shaped my life for the better in more ways than one, wasn't really something I wanted to do. Now I didn't say that means that I think this website is groundbreaking in design, or a sight to behold by any means. But rather something that I'll continuously put effort towards to the best of my capabilities. It's most definitely a work in progress since I'm still learning code, and also given the fact that Mr. Patton's body of work in music and beyond is extensive and ever growing, to say the least. My overall intentions for this website are to (eventually) catalog everything Mike Patton's worked on (projects/albums/film/voice acting, etc.), as well as to provide a well rounded library of media downloads (I'm trying to make all media on the site easily and readily downloadable, including media extending outside of the Downloads page). This site will most likely see several layout and module changes throughout what will probably be a fairly lengthy process, as I figure out what works well and what doesn't. I can only hope that any visitors that I'm lucky enough to have here can spare a bit of patience while I continue learning and building a proper fan site and companion guide, worthy of showcasing and archiving the work of Mike Patton.




     * A note about the media content on this site *

Fan sites such as this one work their best with visuals. I rely heavily on fan photos from my peers in the online community (social medias) for content. I always try my best at keeping records of any and all images and/or video as to give proper source credits. I apologize for any content that may be uncredited, older images become increasingly more difficult to source as the years pass. I also try and use my best judgment pertaining to the privacy of the media owner. I try to avoid the use of any images containing a discernible likeness to any person(s), (foreground/portrait shots), unless otherwise granted permission prior to use. I have the upmost respect for others within this fan community, as well as for their property. If any media on this site has been unintentionally mistagged or wrongly credited, please contact me at and any corrections will be made ASAP. If you should also find any media on this site that you feel has been misused or is improperly represented, please do not hesitate to contact me at regarding any corrections, changes in presentation or removals. Any inquiries regarding these matters will be given top priorities.

I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's photographs or video recordings appear on There simply cannot be the existence of fan sites without fans. Throughout my time spent online in various Mike Patton related communities, I have met and built friendships with the most extraordinary individuals. You couldn't find a more unique, magnanimous and sarcastically apropos group of people if you tried. The inspiration and support demonstrated among one another within these groups is phenomenal. Thank you, to each and all of you who have in any way helped and/or supported in this assiduous endeavor.




     ** A note about the presence of advertisements or lack thereof on this site **

Absolutely no revenue, or profit of any kind is generated by, by, or by any other site or account associated with the name "Patton Companion". Any advertisements appearing on or within any of the sites listed above are in place as part of the user terms of agreement for the use of embedded code by third party companies (i.e. Twitter®, Spotify®, etc.). is and will always remain an advertisement-free website, and will continue to run and operate solely under the registered domain holders expense.

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